About me

I'm a hands-on marketer with a passion for generating more leads and increasing profit. What motivates me is seeing my marketing campaigns convert into real business impact.

Where it started

Forged in Sheffield steel

I was born and raised in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. The city is famous for the manufacture of steel, being the greenest city in Europe and Henderson's Relish. Yorkshire folk are friendly but plain-talking and I would say this describes me pretty well. From a young age I had an active imagination and was a keen writer so it's not surprising that I ended up in a creative industry. (Oh and in case you're curious I'm a blade, not an owl)

Where it derailed

Tempered in a tempest

I was fresh out of university when my mum got sick. It would take nearly two years to discover she had a thinning of the blood vessels in her brain which was causing her memory loss and fits. Before this diagnosis we completely fell through the welfare system and so I started a business, Make My Media in order to pay the bills. Starting with little more than a laptop, I built up a business over five years. I worked alongside a diverse range of clients in planning, producing and executing their marketing strategies including creation of sales materials, video production, web development and more. This diverse role meant from one day I could be working on a PPC campaign for one client and the next I would be shooting a video. I proactively built up the business, working with a close-knit team of freelancers but being very hands-on.

Where it changed

Assembling the pieces

Selling my business seemed like a left turn to everyone, but life was passing me by and working 13 hours days, 7 days a week would have led to burnout. Typically I worked in stand alone role or small teams where I could have complete oversight of marketing and understand its relationship to sales. I wanted to really see how to apply the marketing mix in a way that would have the most impact. While there will never be a one size fits all approach, I wanted to come up with a proven methodology that could apply to businesses of different sizes, industries and stages of development.

Where it's going

Never quite finished...

My focus in the last few years has been applying everything I've learnt over the last ten year to bigger and bigger organisations. Today it's my ambition to add millions to the bottom line and transform the companies I work with from the bottom up. Of course there are always new things to learn, and I am always looking to expand my skillset and hear from the rest of the marketing industry. I strive to make myself better every day.

My skillset

Oversight and execution

Management of third parties

Closely tying into sales

Confident in sales meetings

Pitch Meetings/Documents

Cold Calling

Apple Certified Editor

Final Cut Pro

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere




Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Indesign

Microsoft Powerpoint

SEO copywriting

PR Articles

Blog Material

Google Adwords

Social PPC

On page SEO knowledge

A bit about me

out of work...

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