ghost clients

Good Client Relations 11: Ghost Clients

Beware foolish mortals, for you enter a world of creepy clients and jaw dropping jobs. In this last few weeks we have been covering some of the darker side of…

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good client relationships scope creep

Good Client Relations 10: Scope Creepers

We are continuing our guide through those less desirable client attributes and how best to handle them. Today we’re talking about scope creep. Scope creep is where a client keeps…

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good client relations comitees

Good Client Relations 9: Committees

We are currently covering how to have good relationships with those clients with bad habits. Today I want to talk about groups. We all know that old phrase about how…

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good client relations emergencies

Good Client Relations 8: Emergencies

For the upcoming weeks I will be covering various bad habits of clients and how best to deal with them. Although 90% of clients are fine, when you do come…

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good client relations indecisive clients

Good Client Relations 7: Indecisive Clients

Over the next couple of weeks I want to go over various bad habits that clients may have. Now I want to say again  that the majority of clients are…

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Good Client Relations 6: Perfect Client

When talking about client relations, you can’t really avoid talking about different kinds of client. To start off with I wanted to talk about that perfect client. Great Expectations When…

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good client relations work flow

Good Client Relations 5: Work Flow

One of the key differences with collaborating with clients vs co-workers is the nature of your relationship is much more transactional. You have been hired usually for a short amount…

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good client relations 4

Good Client Relations 4: Communication

I’ve talked a lot about the importance communication so far, but let’s delve into some of the specifics. Be Dumbo Any salesperson worth their salt will tell you that the…

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Good Client Relations 3: Time

Hitting deadlines is key in any working capacity, especially when you have been the one to set the deadline in the first place! A client can be as late as…

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Good Client Relations 2: Managing Other Freelancers

Normally when you’ve been putting your bid together, you’ve thought hard about time scales, the order in which things need to be done and who needs to be involved. One…

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