I've worked with a diverse range of businesses of different sizes and different verticals...and they all had similar problems.​

  • Sales and marketing aren’t properly aligned.
  • Brands spend time and energy on activity which doesn’t generate revenue.
  • Campaigns are chopped and changed too quickly to be effective.
  • Marketing attribution is anecdotal at best.
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The first place I start with any client is to audit the different aspects of their sales and marketing mix and asses them based on their maturity. This gives me a good idea of which areas need the most attention and my general aim is to mature all areas over time.

Measurement Matters

It's difficult to truly understand the impact of marketing unless you have oversight on all enquiries, customers and projects. By crunching this data I can better understand the value of customers, the channels they are coming through and potential issues in the pipeline.

Pipeline Plotting

Most Customer Journeys are idealised versions that do not reflect reality. Through stakeholder interviews, client calls and a little 'mystery shopping' I try and map out likely customer routes, pain points and opportunities for enablement.

Sales Enablement

With all of the above information, I will then be much better placed to produce sales materials in whatever form they need. This is always the area which will have the biggest impact in the smallest amount of time and can also help to cement the relationship between marketing and sales.

Campaign Planning

It takes longer than ever before for messaging to get through, campaigns should always be three months or longer and be sustainable. The campaign you do this year should grow and change in the next year and so on and so on. I typically will write two plan, one based on an 'ideal world' situation and one more realistic.

Adapt & Adopt

Modern marketing needs to be flexible and adaptable. When you have the right data coming in, you can more easily understand which areas of the marketing mix need to be tweaked. The great thing about having a varied skillset is when something need chopping or changing, this can be done pretty quickly.

My philosophy

I’m always looking to improve my knowledge and skills. Continuous learning is important to stay on top of the latest trends, technology and techniques.


This approach has served me well when adapting to new and niche industries. I’m not naïve enough to think I’ll master your industry in weeks. I’m about doing the simple things well and building. I test and tweak before expanding and work from real data not hearsay.

Marketing isn’t an exact science. Sometimes you just have to take a risk, try something out and see what happens. I always start small, evaluate and then if that small test is successful it gives us license to expand our efforts. This has proven to be a great way of trying out ideas for a larger marketing campaign, new elements to the marketing mix or even new brand elements.

Marketing has to have a direct impact on sales. Marketing needs to support sales with great material, greater market awareness and of course qualified leads.

Too often time and resources are spent on activity which doesn’t accomplish these goals.

I focus on creating sales funnels and systems, which can reach and convert your targets in a consistent and repeatable way. Over time I will build processes and systems that become more intelligent, more effective and better value for money.

My skillset

Marketing Campaigns

planning, oversight, management of 3rd parties, execution

Business development

sales & marketing plans, online lead generation, sales scripts and material


Social media

planning, creating and managing multiple channels and groups

PPC campaigns

google ads, linkedin, facebook and twitter ads etc

Video production

apple certified editor, final cut pro, adobe after effects, maya, blender


ebooks, articles, web pages, advertisements, sales decks, seo

Website Development

wordpress, working knowledge HTML, elementor, wp bakery

Graphic Design

adobe photoshop, adobe indesign, canva, powerpoint

who I work with

You're a B2B business

Your net is £1m+

An enquiry is worth thousands not hundreds

You have a flat management structure

You're great at what you do, but strive for better

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