b&b precision engineering

B&B Precision

2016 – 2018 (As an employee)

My Role: full marketing mix and business development
Results: generated £450k enquiries, featured in local press

High Velocity Oxygen Fuelled (or HVOF) applied coatings are used in industry for components that need to perform at extreme temperatures, high wear and corrosive environments. B&B had invested heavily in this new technology but had struggled to find demand. Although HVOF is used in a variety of industries it is not necessarily known throughout engineering and is not a popular choice when compared with other coatings produced from electroplating.

There were three major challenges with this project. The first was informing people of the process itself. Thermal Spraying encompasses four different processes of which HVOF is included, all are similar but different. Within HVOF there are a number of different materials that can be applied but often these are sold under brand names thus confusing potential buyers. Even where people knew/used HVOF it was unlikely they knew about B&B as a provider.