My Role: full marketing oversight
Results: 20% rise in donations during Ramadan with a 42% rise in new donors

Charity Right are an international Islamic food programme providing regular school meals to children in hard to reach places. As Head of Marketing I oversaw every element of marketing for the charity and increasing donations. My role was to come in and try and broaden the appeal of the charity with high targets for the seasonal Ramadan campaign when Muslim donors are most likely to give to charities. I planned and implemented a full mix marketing campaign, working closely with third parties and advertising agencies. I was able to more than double visits to the website and donations from new donors rose by 42% when compared to the previous year.

I oversaw all online activity including management of a £10k budget. I personally wrote and produced all social elements of the campaign and took responsibility over PPC and newspaper adverts. I also oversaw live broadcasts on Islamic TV channels. Overall the charity increased their donations by 20% over the Ramadan period.