Make My Media

2011 – 2016

My Role: owner (please see portfolio for more projects)
Results: Successfully built this business up and sold it.

Over 5 years I built up this digital focused media agency from nothing to having a healthy client base and portfolio. Originally it was started as I needed a way to look after my sick mother and pay the bills, and from there we grew and grew! I worked alongside a diverse range of clients in planning, producing and executing their marketing strategies including creation of sales materials, video production, web development and more. This diverse role meant from one day I could be working on a PPC campaign for one client and the next I would be shooting a video. I proactively built up the business, working with a close-knit team of 9-12 freelancers under me to ensure we became an agency of choice for our clients. The projects I most enjoyed working on were ones I was able to tie together my many different skills into a full marketing campaign. In some cases I worked as a member of staff on 3-6 months projects for clients with often challenging expectations. I sold this business as I tried to get some more work/life balance.