Colostomy UK


My Role

Full marketing mix


22% Rise in donations

Doubled signups to Stoma 66

Brought in £36k through commercial offerings

Increase in activity across all social media 



This standalone marketing role involved the oversight on marketing materials, social media, website performance and commercial opportunities. On a day to day basis this involved planning, writing and designing social media assets, designing both printed and online media, maintenance and improvement of the website and seeking out and dealing with third party companies on commercial opportunities with the charity. One of the first things I did in post was a full SEO review of the website, which has seen a rise of 130% in visitors in 6 months. Also had a rise of 17.5% facebook followers, 21.6% twitter followers, 51% instagram followers and 71% rise in members to our facebook support group. The charity saw an increase of over £100k of donations and I personally brought in £36k from commercial. Unfortunately I didn't feel that the charity were making the most of my talents and wanted a bigger challenge. Another noticeable accomplishment was the Stoma 66 campaign, where we encourages ostomates to get active and aid towards a combined goal of 66,000km. Only in its 2nd year, we were able to double the amount of sign ups, achieved our target and had a big impact on social media.

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