Homeless World Cup


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Video Production – Copy Writing


Improved year-round web traffic

Unsuccessful Sheffield 2016 bid


The Homeless World Cup is a yearly soccer tournament that raises awareness and encourages co-ordination between a variety of international charities. I worked with the core marketing teams in each of the host countries for 3 years as well as putting in my own bid to host the event. When I first got involved with the Homeless World Cup our main goal was to spread interest and activity from the month surrounding the event to year round. I helped forge partnerships with international charities and lead social media strategy aimed at gathering content and news throughout the year and keeping in contact with the players. I also filmed and edited the event for 3 years and was involved in the upgrade and rebrand of the website. In 2014 I organised the bid for the event to come to Sheffield, which involved getting support from key stakeholders in the community as well as creating an organisational framework. My bid involved Sheffield United, Wednesday and FC hosting the games and was backed by the council and local business. I was able to arrange all accommodation, catering and sponsorship so as the event would actually make a profit. I was deeply disappointed that we were unsuccessful with our bid, the major factor being that the organisers did not feel people would travel 5 minutes on foot to Bramall Lane to watch the games due to a similar set up in Milan. Although unsuccessful this did lay the groundwork for Bramall lane to host the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics.

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