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How 2 Franchise help a wide variety of businesses to grow through franchising and franchisee recruitment. I worked closely with the MD for over 5 years to promote not only the worldwide network of businesses but with a lot of their clients too. Originally I was brought into market, Franchise News 24 which had been around for 8 years but had never established itself as a video directory for franchises. The goal was to position the site as an industry leader, promote its associated app and rank it on the top of google. I redesigned the website and overhauled the branding so that it was in the “apple mould” and was considerably more SEO friendly. I was able to get the site to the top of google, and enquiries were coming in. Unfortunately the directors had a bust up and so FN24 didn't survive but I was able to carry on working with the business as their outsourced media production. I have worked on a wide number of campaigns for How 2 Franchise and their clients creating various media assets for marketing campaigns. The key differentiator I found between what I produce and what is in the market, was that I focused on a realistic and easily obtainable view of what being a franchisee would be like. A lot of franchising tends to be very cheesy, money orientated ‘get rich easy’ type of content. Franchising became a niche for me and I’ve been able to work alongside a wide number of companies in this area.

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