Bronte Precision

2016 – 2018 (As an employer)

My Role: full marketing & business development
Results: 33% rise in new business in year one, 47% rise in new business in year two

Bronte Precision had a number of core customers it served but little outside this. My objective was to attract new business. Working closely with the MD and production staff my role was primarily business development from start to end. This included researching and targeting potential customers, creation of marketing brochures/social media posts as well as actually contacting and trying to win new business/attending meetings. In order to win customers is more challenging markets I introduced many policies and procedures in line with ISO 9001 protocols, as well as carrying out CSR such as mock interview days. Over 2 years I brought in a range of new customers with turnover increasing 47%. The business was able to invest in new machinery and grew by 6 people. I had a very positive response from PR, and have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.