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My Role

event co-ordination – video production – app development


Pulling off an ambitious event, app and video series in a short period of time.


When graduates start in the civil service they have to choose which profession they want to pursue. This is a big decision not just for the graduates but also for the departments in being able to pick the brightest talents. Alongside an annual conference to manage, I had to develop a website and standalone 'careers' focused app as well as promotional videos for 25 heads of governmental profession within the civil service. As you can imagine this was intense pressure on this project and team oversight and motivation was key with a few all-nighters needed in order to pull off the project within a month time period. In terms of filming, I couldn't bring a big crew, and barely had time to film. It then became a job of soliciting interesting answers from them in a time effective manner and being heads of department, they were not used to taking orders! It was key not only to deliver the video but also test it out at the conference. This project tested my time and people management to the extreme but was a fantastic victory for us as a company. This project was delivered significantly under budget and to time, but was one of the more high-pressured jobs we took on.

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