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Complete marketing mix


Successful brand bought by Starbucks


Mez Eco Café was a start up coffee chain based in Thailand. I was tasked with coming up with a brand that would appeal locally and crucially to the ex-pat audience as well as launching and managing the brand online. I got much more involved though! I had a very high level of involvement not only with online design but in the layout and operation of the café’s themselves, where my aim was not just putting chairs here or tables there but to create “a persuasive environment.” Every detail was thought through from the type of music playing, to ordering technology, which involved iphone payment (very popular in the Asian market years before England) and even chose the scent in the toilets. I also helped to develop a local video streaming service for businesses encompassing raspberry pi technology which drew in a large meeting crowd. Sadly Mez Eco Café and its 13 chains only lasted around 3 months...because they were so successful they were bought out by Starbucks. This was one of the most creative and interesting projects I was involved in and it's a shame I never actually visited one of my coffee shops!

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