Quickfire: How do I get written up in big publishers like Forbes etc?

You need to slowly work up a reputation and become a known source. I would recommend creating a list of target publications and noting down reporters/writers in your niche. You then create a bio with a picture, company logo and why you are an expert in that field. I would send this along with a comment/news story to these people. They then know who you are, if you can write and what to contact you for in the future.

Follow up a few times and if you get published, be sure to tag the writer/magazine etc in as you share on your personal network. Ask colleagues to share as well.

Once you are a source it’s likely you’ll be asked to contribute to stories. I would set an expectation that you’re going to get short deadlines to write something with no guarantee of it being published, but once you break through, the more you are a quoted source, the more likely you’ll be asked to comment.

This is the slow, manual way of doing things. Alternatively spend a lot of money on a PR firm with good contacts in your area.

I did things the slow way and was in German press, Wall Street journal and more for my comments on manufacturing.