when prospects go cold

Basics of Sales 14: Prospects Going Cold

We have talked about positive signs that a prospect is generally interested and ways in which you might put them off, so what should you do when a prospect seems to be going cold that once you had hopes for? You’re Not That Important There are a ...
chasing those prospects up

Basics of Sales 6: Chasing

Following on from last week’s lesson giving you an outline on your sales, we have so far done some research, found our target customer, sent them some details and checked if they have gotten it. They are not in Quite often the person you need to speak ...
how to convert lesson3

How To Convert Lesson 3: Following Up

In this series of lessons we are covering how to convert a pitch into a sale. One of the most common questions is about following up. Pipeline The first thing to do when chasing up a client is to add them into your customer relationship management system. ...