when prospects go cold

Basics of Sales 14: Prospects Going Cold

We have talked about positive signs that a prospect is generally interested and ways in which you might put them off, so what should you do when a prospect seems…

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annoying prospects

Basics of Sales 13: Annoying Prospects

In the last few lessons we’ve covered some of the best ways to warm prospects to your sales proposition and also what is and isn’t a buying signal. Now I…

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selling online oliver gwynne

Basics of Sales 10: The Internet

Now that I’ve focused on phoning people, there is the ever tangled web of selling through the internet to tackle. Every Medium Matters Not only was this the excellent slogan…

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sales script

Basics Of Sales 9: Scripts

Earlier in this series I talked about the importance of core messaging as something that lies behind everything you do in both sales and marketing. Nowhere is that more evident…

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cold calling advice oliver gwynne

Basics Of Sales 8: Cold Calls

"Not Cold Calling!" I hear you screaming. People bemoan the amount of ‘nuisance’ calls they get everyday, and its mere mention springs to mind low paid workers with long lists…

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