marketing and sales frenemies

Marketing+ Sales 1: Frenemies

Sales and Marketing are different pieces of the same puzzle. They are both tools used to grow your business and yet in many organisations they aren’t aligned. This happens in all industries and all business sizes so in this series of lessons, I want to ...
why are you not selling

Basics Of Sales 15: No Conversions?

If you are doing all the right things and still having no luck when it comes to your sales it’s important to evaluate where you’re going wrong. Effort Being honest with yourself how much effort actually goes into your sales? Few people really enjoy the process of ...

How To Convert lesson 2: Small Job

We are talking about how to convert a great pitch into the actual work and what that involved. In lesson one we covered spec work. in this lesson I want to cover a much better alternative: the small job. Expensive The most expensive job with any client, ...