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Basics of Sales 17: Your Questions

What is the most overlooked technique to improve sales? I think different techniques will work for different industries but I would say one thing you can never do enough of is research. If you’re prospecting in any real fashion then you will have a relatively long ...
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Post Project Steps 9: Your Questions

To finish up our topic of all the things you should do after a project is over, I once again turn to you and the questions you’ve been asking me. Here goes! You talked about evaluating ourselves and our performance…should we also do that for the ...
how to pitch lesson two oliver gwynne

How to Pitch 2: Common Questions

With the basics covered I wanted to answer some of the questions my lovely readers came back with from lesson one: What if I can’t find anything to pitch for? Where to find work is one of the most frequently asked questions. The truth is that different ...