sales goals

Basics of Sales 3: Goals

What is actually your goal when doing any sort of sales activity? It seems like a simple question doesn’t it? Pretty much every time I will ask this question the usual response is: to get more business/clients. I disagree with this. In fact I think ...
your questions on business start up

Start Up Right 12: Your Questions

I always try and end any subject by giving some edited insight into the questions/comments you lovely readers have sent my way. Don’t be afraid to get in touch should you have any burning questions. I’m a start up with no money at all, how can ...
how to pitch lesson 7

How to Pitch 7: The Call

Hopefully if you’ve been following these lessons you’ll be writing short and punchy sales pitches. Sometimes from an initial pitch you’ll be invited to tender. Generally this will be for those bigger jobs, quite often if a potential client wants a call it will be ...