unpaid and unhappy

When Projects Go Bad: Unpaid and Unhappy

Following on from a project going bad and a relationship deteriorating with a client, its quite natural that we now turn our attention to client’s who won’t pay. No Great…

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annoying your client

When Projects Go Bad: Annoying Your client

To bring to a close our series of blogs on what to do to try and save that faltering project I thought I’d cover some of the stupidest ways you…

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dont forget a bad relationship

When Projects Go Bad 8: Don’t Forget

You’ve had a bad experience with a client. Hopefully you’ve been able to grit your teeth and get through it. naturally things will go quiet for a while until suddenly,…

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walking away from a project

When Projects Go Bad 6: Walking Away

Sometimes you simply can’t save a project. So when and how should you consider walking away? What factors should you consider? Sunk Assets One of the major psychological factors in…

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When Projects Go Bad 5: Stand Off

When a project is in trouble, you will often find yourself in a stand off with a client. Usually it goes something like this: they weren’t happy with something, you…

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When Projects Go Bad 4: Communication

Your client isn’t quite, happy, you’re struggling to meet their needs, maybe your behind schedule, maybe you’re having a bad day. It’s often tough to know how to respond to…

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when projects go bad

When Projects Go Bad 1: Feedback

So far we’ve had lessons on how to pitch, how to convert that pitch into a job and how to ensure you have good client relations during that job. We’ve…

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good client relations micro managers

Good Client Relations 12: Micro Managers

Continuing our theme of bad habits some clients have, we are going to be talking about micro-managers. Devils of Detail Micro-managers are one of the more painful types of clients…

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good client relations emergencies

Good Client Relations 8: Emergencies

For the upcoming weeks I will be covering various bad habits of clients and how best to deal with them. Although 90% of clients are fine, when you do come…

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good client relations indecisive clients

Good Client Relations 7: Indecisive Clients

Over the next couple of weeks I want to go over various bad habits that clients may have. Now I want to say again  that the majority of clients are…

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