sales tips

Growing Sales Team 9: Your Questions

As ever when we come to the end of one topic and I address questions that people have sent through... In your series you say that salespeople shouldn’t be evaluated…

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motivating a team

Growing Sales Team 8: Motivating A Team

We've talked about picking and managing your team, but how best should you motivate them? Competition A little bit of competition can certainly be a healthy, but it can also…

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motivating your sales team

Growing Sales 7: Managing A Team

One common thread I often see in regards to sales teams is that very often effective sales people are often promoted into team management, where perhaps they have less experience.…

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managing a sales team

Growing Sales Team 6: Building A Team

So far in this short series about growing your sales team I have talked about whether or not you need to hire someone, should you consider an agency and the…

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Good Client Relations 15: CRM

CRM stands for customer Relationship Management, which is essentially a fancy way of recording your interaction with clients. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of…

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good client relations micro managers

Good Client Relations 12: Micro Managers

Continuing our theme of bad habits some clients have, we are going to be talking about micro-managers. Devils of Detail Micro-managers are one of the more painful types of clients…

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Good Client Relations 2: Managing Other Freelancers

Normally when you’ve been putting your bid together, you’ve thought hard about time scales, the order in which things need to be done and who needs to be involved. One…

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