Marketing + Sales 7: Conversion

We are talking about Sales and Marketing alignment and how best these different disciplines can combine to more harmoniously bring in customers. Can I Buy Something? Here’s a scenario for you. Your marketing person has befriended someone online. They want to buy something from you…what should happen? ...
why are you not selling

Basics Of Sales 15: No Conversions?

If you are doing all the right things and still having no luck when it comes to your sales it’s important to evaluate where you’re going wrong. Effort Being honest with yourself how much effort actually goes into your sales? Few people really enjoy the process of ...
buying signals

Basics of Sales 12: Buying Signals

You can sometimes spend months and even years keeping prospects warm but how can you tell when they actually will buy from you? They Get Excited! One of the most rewarding things in any sales effort is when you talk to someone who is positively enthused by ...