your questions evaluation

Post Project Steps 9: Your Questions

To finish up our topic of all the things you should do after a project is over, I once again turn to you and the questions you’ve been asking me.…

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post project questions

Post Project Steps 7: Questions

What sort of questions should you be asking yourself once a project is done in order to carry through improvements? Sales What worked? What approach/material did you use to win…

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reviewing a project, Oliver Gwynne

Post Project Steps 6: Review

We have been talking about what happens post project and how to make the most out of your last job in order to get the next one. Next I want…

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when projects go bad

When Projects Go Bad 1: Feedback

So far we’ve had lessons on how to pitch, how to convert that pitch into a job and how to ensure you have good client relations during that job. We’ve…

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