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Growing Sales Team 9: Your Questions

As ever when we come to the end of one topic and I address questions that people have sent through... In your series you say that salespeople shouldn’t be evaluated purely on income generated, what would your alternative model be? I would look at the process as ...
motivating a team

Growing Sales Team 8: Motivating A Team

We've talked about picking and managing your team, but how best should you motivate them? Competition A little bit of competition can certainly be a healthy, but it can also be toxic. I’ve talked many times about how a good sales person will put the pressure on ...
motivating your sales team

Growing Sales 7: Managing A Team

One common thread I often see in regards to sales teams is that very often effective sales people are often promoted into team management, where perhaps they have less experience. You don’t necessarily have to be a good sales person to lead a sales team, ...