oliver gwynne messaging

Basics of Sales 2: Messaging

At the heart of any sales/marketing effort is messaging. Here’s a little exercise I like to do with people. Think of just 3 attributes you would like to be known for. Write them down for me. Just 3 Attributes The interesting thing about this exercise is how ...
personal development

Start Up Right 7: Personal Growth

Continuing our theme of unexpected aspects of working for yourself, I want to cover how working for yourself will affect you. Massive Distrust I often talk about how entrepreneurs will go through a ‘trial by fire.’ If you aren’t used to dealing with late paying and demanding ...
start up right 5 money

Start Up Right 5: Money

I have been talking about starting your self-employment journey in the right manner and trying to cover some of the more unexpected elements that come along with it. Let’s talk about one of the more taboo subjects, Money. >Self Employment Allow me to start with a harsh ...