How to Pitch 6: Pricing

Money is always a big question. Price can definitely be a make or break factor for any pitch. The problem is that you have no control over the person’s perception of how easy/expensive something is. You also have no control over how your competition price. Don’t ...
how to pitch lesson 5

How To Pitch 5: Add Ons

We’ve talked about purpose, format and language. Now let’s talk about those add on with your pitch. I’m talking about things like FAQs, portfolios, testimonials, etc. Having a bank of these ready will save you significant time when pitching. Like Always Wants Like Attach 3 or 4 ...
how to pitch: formatting oliver gwynne

How to Pitch 3: Formatting

Here is a basic format for pitching... About Them The opening paragraph should be all about them. This is something I’ve seen major agencies not utilise to its full effect. The main points of this first paragraph are to readdress the brief, to show you’ve done some ...