Branding 5: Cohesive Branding

Now that you’ve that you’ve established who you are, what you’re called and your core attributes, we can start to think about forming a cohesive brand. A common issue that…

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Branding 1: No One Cares

In this series of lessons I aim to give you a broad overview on all things branding, with what it is, what its for and how to make/change/evolve your own.…

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your questions on sales and marketing

Marketing + Sales 13: Your Questions

After 3 months on this topic we end as ever with the various questions sent in by you lovely readers, shared in the hope that they will be useful to…

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sales and marketing oliver gwynne

Sales + Marketing 12: One Person?

I have been discussing the benefits and techniques of having your marketing and sales working much more closely together, so what if they were literally together as in one person…

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time management for start ups

Start Up Right 2: Working Hours

One of the main challenges right at the beginning of starting a business/self employment is simply not knowing what working for yourself is actually like. People have a certain image…

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