Sales Maturity and Processes

In a nutshell all sales processes involve the following; finding prospective clients, contacting them, qualifying their interest and closing. Where marketing maturity takes incremental leaps in terms of time and…

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your questions on sales and marketing

Marketing + Sales 13: Your Questions

After 3 months on this topic we end as ever with the various questions sent in by you lovely readers, shared in the hope that they will be useful to…

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sales and marketing oliver gwynne

Sales + Marketing 12: One Person?

I have been discussing the benefits and techniques of having your marketing and sales working much more closely together, so what if they were literally together as in one person…

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upselling oliver gwynne

Marketing + Sales 12: Upselling

"Do you want to supersize that?" is probably the most infamous example of upselling. It's one sentence that can quickly and easily add a few extra pounds worth of profit…

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Marketing + Sales 11: Promoting Loyalty

Different but similar to reducing churn, promoting loyalty in your customers is most often a business concern…so what can Sales and Marketing do to help? Sales Vanishes One of the…

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Marketing + Sales 10: Reducing Churn

Churn is essentially you loosing customers. it can happen for any number of reasons over time, some of it might be directly in your control (like delivering late, or poor…

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oliver gwynne business advice

Marketing + Sales 9: Goals

We are talking about sales and marketing and how best to push these two together and ensure they play nice. We have talked about some of the practicalities of sharing…

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CRM sales and marketing

Marketing + Sales 8: CRM

We are talking about how to best align your sales and marketing and that with more people often comes more problem, especially when you throw into the mix the needs…

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Marketing + Sales 7: Conversion

We are talking about Sales and Marketing alignment and how best these different disciplines can combine to more harmoniously bring in customers. Can I Buy Something? Here’s a scenario for…

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sales and marketing

Marketing + Sales 6: Buying Signals Online

In the last two lessons we looked at the ways that Sales and Marketing could work closer together when promoting your business. In this I talked about the importance of…

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