Common Social Media Misconceptions

Nearly every business has some form of social media presence, but the percentage of those making the most out of it is probably lower then you’d expect. For a lot…

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How To Convert lesson 4: Objection Handling

We’ve been covering hot to convert a pitch into a sale. So far we’ve covered spec work, small jobs, following up and now I want to cover objection handling. A…

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how to convert lesson3

How To Convert Lesson 3: Following Up

In this series of lessons we are covering how to convert a pitch into a sale. One of the most common questions is about following up. Pipeline The first thing…

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how to covert lesson 1

How To Convert Lesson 1: Spec Work

Now that you’ve sent off your amazing pitch, made the call, done the presentation…how do you ensure that you convert that pitch into actual work? In this lesson I want…

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