psychology of colour

Branding 6: Colours

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics of what branding is and how it represents you and your business we can start to talk about the various building blocks…

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why are you not selling

Basics Of Sales 15: No Conversions?

If you are doing all the right things and still having no luck when it comes to your sales it’s important to evaluate where you’re going wrong. Effort Being honest…

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buying signals

Basics of Sales 12: Buying Signals

You can sometimes spend months and even years keeping prospects warm but how can you tell when they actually will buy from you? They Get Excited! One of the most…

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warming your prospects

Basics of Sales 11: Warming Prospects

For any multitude of reasons a prospect may not be in a position to buy from you just yet. As such it is your job to stay in front of…

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sales script

Basics Of Sales 9: Scripts

Earlier in this series I talked about the importance of core messaging as something that lies behind everything you do in both sales and marketing. Nowhere is that more evident…

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chasing those prospects up

Basics of Sales 6: Chasing

Following on from last week’s lesson giving you an outline on your sales, we have so far done some research, found our target customer, sent them some details and checked…

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oliver gwynne messaging

Basics of Sales 2: Messaging

At the heart of any sales/marketing effort is messaging. Here’s a little exercise I like to do with people. Think of just 3 attributes you would like to be known…

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personal development

Start Up Right 7: Personal Growth

Continuing our theme of unexpected aspects of working for yourself, I want to cover how working for yourself will affect you. Massive Distrust I often talk about how entrepreneurs will…

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start up skillset

Start Up Right 3: Your Skillset?

I’m talking about starting up your self employment/business in the right manner and a key aspect of this is knowing what to expect. Here I want to talk about your…

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getting a referral

Post Project Steps 3: Referrals

In this series of lessons I’m talking about what you can do now your project is over to ensure it leads to more work. One such tactic is referrals, which…

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