your branding questions answered

Branding 16: Your Questions Answered

As we come to the end of this surprisingly long segment on all things branding let’s stop to answer those lovely questions sent in my the readers. I’m branding my start up with no funds, how can I keep the costs down? First of all, for any ...
3 reactions to branding

Branding 12: Three Stages Of Reaction

When a potential customer views your business there are three major steps in their reaction, all of which all happen pretty quick. Instinctual Reaction The first stage of any reaction is that lightning quick one as someone experiences your brand. This is that first instant impression that ...
graphic elements

Branding 8: Graphic Elements

The next major piece of our branding jigsaw are graphic elements. Basically anything could be a graphical element in your brand. A squiggle could be a graphic element, a certain type of Box could be a graphic element, anything at all so long as you ...