Marketing + Sales 7: Conversion

We are talking about Sales and Marketing alignment and how best these different disciplines can combine to more harmoniously bring in customers. Can I Buy Something? Here’s a scenario for…

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Post Project Steps 2: Testimonials

There is an old saying that you are only as good as your last project and I think there’s some truth in that. It’s important that after a project has…

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Good Client Relations 16: Smaller Clients

Coming to the end of our topic about good client relations I wanted to do a quick summary of some of the positive and negative attributes of both bigger and…

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Good Client Relations 15: CRM

CRM stands for customer Relationship Management, which is essentially a fancy way of recording your interaction with clients. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of…

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good client relations work flow

Good Client Relations 5: Work Flow

One of the key differences with collaborating with clients vs co-workers is the nature of your relationship is much more transactional. You have been hired usually for a short amount…

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Good Client Relations 2: Managing Other Freelancers

Normally when you’ve been putting your bid together, you’ve thought hard about time scales, the order in which things need to be done and who needs to be involved. One…

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How to Convert Lesson 8: Deposits

The last stage before you start any work I taking a deposit. Money for nothing?! Some of the newer freelancers I talk to are a little apprehensive about asking for…

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How To Convert lesson 2: Small Job

We are talking about how to convert a great pitch into the actual work and what that involved. In lesson one we covered spec work. in this lesson I want…

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