good client relationships scope creep

Good Client Relations 10: Scope Creepers

We are continuing our guide through those less desirable client attributes and how best to handle them. Today we’re talking about scope creep. Scope creep is where a client keeps…

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good client relations work flow

Good Client Relations 5: Work Flow

One of the key differences with collaborating with clients vs co-workers is the nature of your relationship is much more transactional. You have been hired usually for a short amount…

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Good Client Relations 3: Time

Hitting deadlines is key in any working capacity, especially when you have been the one to set the deadline in the first place! A client can be as late as…

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how to pitch lesson 9

How to Pitch 9: Rejection

We’ve been going through all things pitching, so now it’s important to consider why your pitch didn’t win. Speed dating Pitching can be a little like speed dating, there’s nothing…

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