ways to fail in business

Start Up Right 11: Ways to Fail

Last but not least I wanted to cover some of the more common mis-conceptions that start-ups have that cause them to fail. I’ll Work Harder! Don’t work hard, work smart.…

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where can i find work?

Start Up Right 8: Finding Work

Easily the thing I get asked most about is where exactly to find work. Some people seem quite insistent on knowing in fact! Obviously this will depend greatly on the…

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Start Up Right 6: Levels Of Success

I’m covering some of the more unexpected aspects of working for yourself. I want to cover a lot of the questions I get around timescales and sort of levels of…

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time management for start ups

Start Up Right 2: Working Hours

One of the main challenges right at the beginning of starting a business/self employment is simply not knowing what working for yourself is actually like. People have a certain image…

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starting up a business

Start Up Right 1: Just A Hobby?

My next topic of blogs is all about starting a business in the right way to ensure long term success. In fact, if you read long enough I’m going to…

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Post Project Steps 8: Implementation

Now that you’ve evaluated your feedback it’s important you take stock and think about ways you can improve your business and service. Now obviously there’s no catch all lesson I…

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post project communication

Post Projects Steps 5: Communication

With some clients, you want to run to the hills as fast as you can and never see them again, but with most its worth keeping in touch. Here’s a…

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best ways to showcase your freelance work

Post Project Steps 4: Portfolio

In this series of lessons we are covering all those things you need to do once a project is over. We have talked about getting paid, getting testimonials and getting…

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Post Project Steps 2: Testimonials

There is an old saying that you are only as good as your last project and I think there’s some truth in that. It’s important that after a project has…

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unpaid and unhappy

When Projects Go Bad: Unpaid and Unhappy

Following on from a project going bad and a relationship deteriorating with a client, its quite natural that we now turn our attention to client’s who won’t pay. No Great…

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