Now that you’ve evaluated your feedback it’s important you take stock and think about ways you can improve your business and service. Now obviously there’s no catch all lesson I can write that will apply to everyone, but here are a few things I’d expect to see as your business grows.

More Procedures

Not what anyone wants to hear at any point ever, but when you’re working for yourself you begin to understand the value of having formal way of doing things. Many people who work for themselves often have a bitter tape of red tape in their mouths from a previous employer, but this becomes more and more important especially when more people get involved.

Less Troubles

Bad clients are universal, but generally through time and a few harsh lessons you’ll get used to dealing with them. You’ll also do this on a much more pro-active basis. This is in part through disqualification of clients who don’t value or understand your service, but also by informing your client more. By addressing the issues you know might pop up during the enquiry and pitch phase you can stop problems before they begin.

The Small Things

I’ll say it again. It’s the 1001 small things you do right that will separate you from the pack. Bad service is everywhere. I am honestly dumbfounded by businesses who take days to acknowledge an enquiry. People who seemingly can’t be bothered enough to take your money! I’m one of these people who gets anal about delivery. I’m anal about service. Consistency is the most underrated skill in business.

Professional Support

It’s important to have a close knit support network around you, but sometimes your friends and family can be guilty of being yes men. In order to develop your skills and business it’s a good idea to have neutral business contacts that can give you an honest opinion and advice.


Sometimes you will have the same feedback come back to you several times. This might mean it’s time for you to go back to the drawing board and look at the service you are offering and the pricing, it might be a case that you’re trying to sell a diamond, when all you have is coal.

Never Ending

Pursuit of quality is a never ending task. You have to constantly re-evaluate what you’re doing right and what is working for you in order to be at the top of your game.


Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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