Branding 5: Cohesive Branding

Now that you’ve that you’ve established who you are, what you’re called and your core attributes, we can start to think about forming a cohesive brand. A common issue that…

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your questions on business start up

Start Up Right 12: Your Questions

I always try and end any subject by giving some edited insight into the questions/comments you lovely readers have sent my way. Don’t be afraid to get in touch should…

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branding and marketing

Start Up Right 9: Branding and Marketing

Now this will differ widely depending on your industry but here are some basic things that everyone will need and some of those things that you almost certainly won’t. Marketing…

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starting up a business

Start Up Right 1: Just A Hobby?

My next topic of blogs is all about starting a business in the right way to ensure long term success. In fact, if you read long enough I’m going to…

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