Photography in branding

Branding 9: Photographs

The old adage is that a picture is worth a thousand words. As technology have advanced and improved the ability to take photographs is within reach for most of the…

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your questions on sales and marketing

Marketing + Sales 13: Your Questions

After 3 months on this topic we end as ever with the various questions sent in by you lovely readers, shared in the hope that they will be useful to…

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oliver gwynne business advice

Marketing + Sales 9: Goals

We are talking about sales and marketing and how best to push these two together and ensure they play nice. We have talked about some of the practicalities of sharing…

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CRM sales and marketing

Marketing + Sales 8: CRM

We are talking about how to best align your sales and marketing and that with more people often comes more problem, especially when you throw into the mix the needs…

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Marketing + Sales 7: Conversion

We are talking about Sales and Marketing alignment and how best these different disciplines can combine to more harmoniously bring in customers. Can I Buy Something? Here’s a scenario for…

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Marketing + Sales 5: Passive Outreach

Last week I was talking about how Marketing and Sales should work together when it came to targeted outreach aka actively sending out materials in order to create sales. Now…

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Marketing + Sales 4: Targeted Outreach

We are talking about how best to align your sales and marketing teams and how best to reach out to the wider world and try and find some Suspects to…

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categorising customers

Marketing + Sales 3: Categorising Customers

I am talking about how to tie the roles of sales and marketing closer together so they will be more effective for your business. We have talked about the importance…

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marketing and sales alignment

Marketing+ Sales 2: Targeting

We are talking about how to ensure that Sales and Marketing can play nicely together and their different roles through customer journey. Let’s start by thinking about targeting. Who Are…

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marketing and sales frenemies

Marketing+ Sales 1: Frenemies

Sales and Marketing are different pieces of the same puzzle. They are both tools used to grow your business and yet in many organisations they aren’t aligned. This happens in…

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