red flag when hiring sales people

Growing Sales Team 5: Red Flags When Hiring

So what sort of qualities should make a bad sales person? These are not necessarily easy to pick up in an interview but definitely worth looking out for... Emotional Any salesperson is going to get rejected A LOT. That’s bound to wear on their soul in some ...
should you hire a salesman?

Growing Sales Team 1: Should You Hire?

Most people reading this did not start out working for themselves so as to become a sales person, but as I’ve often said if you don’t embrace selling you simply won’t last. At a certain point though many people whose primarily skill sets lie elsewhere ...

Post Project Steps 8: Implementation

Now that you’ve evaluated your feedback it’s important you take stock and think about ways you can improve your business and service. Now obviously there’s no catch all lesson I can write that will apply to everyone, but here are a few things I’d expect ...