I think pitching is all about.…


Actually I know all about pitching, so why would I say “I think”? This is such an easy little mistake to make whenever you’re writing a pitch. Now we’ve covered the basics of what to include in a pitch and the basic format. Here are some tips on the finer details.


It’s very easy when writing to subliminally undersell yourself. As above you write phrases like “I think” “you could” it’s important to remember that a pitch is a persuasive document. You are selling yourself. Go through your pitch and eliminate anywhere you’ve said “You could.” If anything you want to write to the prospect as if they’ve already given you the job. Talk about “we” as if you’re already their partner in crime.

Another note on language is that sales language needs to be accessible. This is especially true of technology or technical companies where a great amount of detail may need to be given. The reason being that although the original person you’re pitching to may be in the know, the person actually signing off the cheque may not. Also I would suggest that writing a lot of technical stuff in an initial pitch can be extremely time consuming and a good example of where….

Sell Smoke Not Fire

You already know they want X from you. They already know they want X from you. So you don’t need to sell them that idea. The important thing to consider is WHY they need that. So technology as above, it could come down to making a process quicker, or making something easier.

The underlying reasons people buy from you may seem obvious but they are your best friend. Sit back and consider the real reason the company needs you.

Pretty Yes?

A pitch can happily be on A4 or powerpoint. Make sure to pay attention if the prospect has asked for it a certain way. If you can provide all your materials with an underlying theme (I’m avoiding the word brand because it can just be as simple as a green circle in your corners or something) then this will give you consistency and show you’ve put thought into how your materials look.

Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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