defining your brand

Branding 4: Defining Your Brand

You’ve thought of a name and you’ve come up with a logo and already you should have started to ask yourself those essential questions on who exactly your business is…

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sales and marketing oliver gwynne

Sales + Marketing 12: One Person?

I have been discussing the benefits and techniques of having your marketing and sales working much more closely together, so what if they were literally together as in one person…

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sales and marketing

Marketing + Sales 6: Buying Signals Online

In the last two lessons we looked at the ways that Sales and Marketing could work closer together when promoting your business. In this I talked about the importance of…

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your sales questions

Basics of Sales 17: Your Questions

What is the most overlooked technique to improve sales? I think different techniques will work for different industries but I would say one thing you can never do enough of…

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buying signals

Basics of Sales 12: Buying Signals

You can sometimes spend months and even years keeping prospects warm but how can you tell when they actually will buy from you? They Get Excited! One of the most…

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dont forget a bad relationship

When Projects Go Bad 8: Don’t Forget

You’ve had a bad experience with a client. Hopefully you’ve been able to grit your teeth and get through it. naturally things will go quiet for a while until suddenly,…

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Good Client Relations 18: Your Questions

Do you get better clients over time? No. I remember I was doing a spot of sub-contract work for a marketing company with a lot more experience than me and…

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Good Client Relations 15: CRM

CRM stands for customer Relationship Management, which is essentially a fancy way of recording your interaction with clients. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of…

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Good Client Relations 14: Dodgy Clients

This blog comes directly from you readers. Someone asked my advice on how to deal with a dodgy client. To give you an outline, this freelancer had taken on some…

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good client relations work flow

Good Client Relations 5: Work Flow

One of the key differences with collaborating with clients vs co-workers is the nature of your relationship is much more transactional. You have been hired usually for a short amount…

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