categorising customers

Marketing + Sales 3: Categorising Customers

I am talking about how to tie the roles of sales and marketing closer together so they will be more effective for your business. We have talked about the importance…

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buying signals

Basics of Sales 12: Buying Signals

You can sometimes spend months and even years keeping prospects warm but how can you tell when they actually will buy from you? They Get Excited! One of the most…

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warming your prospects

Basics of Sales 11: Warming Prospects

For any multitude of reasons a prospect may not be in a position to buy from you just yet. As such it is your job to stay in front of…

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feedback on sales

Basics of Sales 7: Feedback

One of the most powerful and under-rated tools is feedback from prospects and in particular the questions that they ask you. One is Many For every customer that asks you…

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Post Project Steps 8: Implementation

Now that you’ve evaluated your feedback it’s important you take stock and think about ways you can improve your business and service. Now obviously there’s no catch all lesson I…

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reviewing a project, Oliver Gwynne

Post Project Steps 6: Review

We have been talking about what happens post project and how to make the most out of your last job in order to get the next one. Next I want…

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post project communication

Post Projects Steps 5: Communication

With some clients, you want to run to the hills as fast as you can and never see them again, but with most its worth keeping in touch. Here’s a…

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best ways to showcase your freelance work

Post Project Steps 4: Portfolio

In this series of lessons we are covering all those things you need to do once a project is over. We have talked about getting paid, getting testimonials and getting…

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Post Project Steps 2: Testimonials

There is an old saying that you are only as good as your last project and I think there’s some truth in that. It’s important that after a project has…

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Post Project Steps 1: Payment

Last year I covered 5 major subjects which were; How To Pitch, Converting that pitch into actual work, Good Client Relationships, Tricky Clients and When Projects Go Bad. All of…

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