Marketing Campaign Masterclass – with Oliver Gwynne

This is a 4 week course taking place on Wednesdays at 6pm for an hour. Pay What You Feel.

If you are looking for a fast paced, intensive and hands on course all about the different elements of successful marketing campaigns then look no further. This four week course aims to change your mind on some fundamental aspects of the role of marketing. Not only will you come out with some key insider tips on running a marketing campaign but a host of examples of what works and not. The four weeks are divided as such:

WEEK ONE – 12th July – Getting Started: What are the tools we can use to sell your business? How do you define your messaging? What does success look like? Why do agencies fail?

WEEK TWO: 19th July – Sales: What is a normal sales funnel? Why do salespeople fail? How much sales activity do you need? Where do sales/marketing cross over?

WEEK THREE: 26th July – Marketing: What actually is the role of marketing? What sorts of activity should you be doing? Why does marketing fail?

WEEK FOUR: 2nd August – Pitching/You: Why are 90% of pitches awful? What should be included? Then we will look at people’s individual cases and form a campaign.

This course is Pay What You Feel, but I do ask that if you can come to all you do rather than just stopping by for one week as all of the lessons follow on from each other.

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Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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