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Marketing + Sales 6: Buying Signals Online

In the last two lessons we looked at the ways that Sales and Marketing could work closer together when promoting your business. In this I talked about the importance of having both functions working together and understanding exactly whom you are targeting and updating on ...
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Basics Of Sales 8: Cold Calls

"Not Cold Calling!" I hear you screaming. People bemoan the amount of ‘nuisance’ calls they get everyday, and its mere mention springs to mind low paid workers with long lists simply trying to get through as many numbers as possible. They perforate your quiet existence ...

How to Convert Lesson 6: Negotiation

We’ve been covering how to convert a pitch into an actual sale and have been talking about persuasion, objection handling and now negotiation. For me objection handling is part of the sales process and a negotiation is where you’ve been selected and now just need ...