sales script

Basics Of Sales 9: Scripts

Earlier in this series I talked about the importance of core messaging as something that lies behind everything you do in both sales and marketing. Nowhere is that more evident than in scripts, primarily these are employed in cold calling but also product demos and ...
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Basics Of Sales 8: Cold Calls

"Not Cold Calling!" I hear you screaming. People bemoan the amount of ‘nuisance’ calls they get everyday, and its mere mention springs to mind low paid workers with long lists simply trying to get through as many numbers as possible. They perforate your quiet existence ...
Sales process

Basics of Sales 5: Process

  This is a rough guide on the sort of process you should be undergoing in your sales process. One – Research Selling something is really more about your prospect then it is about you. Spend some time researching your target online. Find a specific reason why you ...