how to pitch lesson 9

How to Pitch 9: Rejection

We’ve been going through all things pitching, so now it’s important to consider why your pitch didn’t win. Speed dating Pitching can be a little like speed dating, there’s nothing…

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How to Pitch 8: The Meeting

Don’t Go To Meetings Let me make it perfectly clear that if you’re going to a meeting to pitch, then this job better be worth it. I often talk about…

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how to pitch lesson 7

How to Pitch 7: The Call

Hopefully if you’ve been following these lessons you’ll be writing short and punchy sales pitches. Sometimes from an initial pitch you’ll be invited to tender. Generally this will be for…

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How to Pitch 6: Pricing

Money is always a big question. Price can definitely be a make or break factor for any pitch. The problem is that you have no control over the person’s perception…

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how to pitch lesson 5

How To Pitch 5: Add Ons

We’ve talked about purpose, format and language. Now let’s talk about those add on with your pitch. I’m talking about things like FAQs, portfolios, testimonials, etc. Having a bank of…

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how to pitch lesson 4

How to Pitch 4: Details

I think pitching is all about.… Wait. Actually I know all about pitching, so why would I say “I think”? This is such an easy little mistake to make whenever…

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how to pitch: formatting oliver gwynne

How to Pitch 3: Formatting

Here is a basic format for pitching... About Them The opening paragraph should be all about them. This is something I’ve seen major agencies not utilise to its full effect.…

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how to pitch lesson two oliver gwynne

How to Pitch 2: Common Questions

With the basics covered I wanted to answer some of the questions my lovely readers came back with from lesson one: What if I can’t find anything to pitch for?…

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how to pitch lesson one

How To Pitch 1: What Is Pitching?

Work won’t come I’m often surprised how many new entrepreneurs have this idea that work will readily come to them.  You can understand why, there is so much emphasis on…

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Client Comms 101

Client Comms 101

Later this week I start mentoring some young budding entrepreneurs and their immediate question was about how to talk to and interact with clients. So here’s some basics. In meetings…

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