Marketing + Sales 11: Promoting Loyalty

Different but similar to reducing churn, promoting loyalty in your customers is most often a business concern…so what can Sales and Marketing do to help? Sales Vanishes One of the…

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Marketing + Sales 10: Reducing Churn

Churn is essentially you loosing customers. it can happen for any number of reasons over time, some of it might be directly in your control (like delivering late, or poor…

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chasing those prospects up

Basics of Sales 6: Chasing

Following on from last week’s lesson giving you an outline on your sales, we have so far done some research, found our target customer, sent them some details and checked…

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Starting up right clients

Start Up Right 4: Clients

I'm covering unexpected aspects of working for yourself. This week we are talking about clients. Many Bosses Generally speaking in the world of work you won’t have that many bosses,…

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post project questions

Post Project Steps 7: Questions

What sort of questions should you be asking yourself once a project is done in order to carry through improvements? Sales What worked? What approach/material did you use to win…

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getting a referral

Post Project Steps 3: Referrals

In this series of lessons I’m talking about what you can do now your project is over to ensure it leads to more work. One such tactic is referrals, which…

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dont forget a bad relationship

When Projects Go Bad 8: Don’t Forget

You’ve had a bad experience with a client. Hopefully you’ve been able to grit your teeth and get through it. naturally things will go quiet for a while until suddenly,…

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When Projects Go Bad 5: Stand Off

When a project is in trouble, you will often find yourself in a stand off with a client. Usually it goes something like this: they weren’t happy with something, you…

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When Projects Go Bad 3: Proactive Steps

We’ve been talking about projects going bad and how to go about rescuing them. So far we’ve covered negative and angry feedback and how to deal with it. The main…

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When Projects Go Bad 2: Angry Feedback

In the last lesson I talked about how to handle negative feedback. This is often the earliest and easiest way to combat a project going bad. Sometimes this feedback can…

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