dont forget a bad relationship

When Projects Go Bad 8: Don’t Forget

You’ve had a bad experience with a client. Hopefully you’ve been able to grit your teeth and get through it. naturally things will go quiet for a while until suddenly,…

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walking away from a project

When Projects Go Bad 6: Walking Away

Sometimes you simply can’t save a project. So when and how should you consider walking away? What factors should you consider? Sunk Assets One of the major psychological factors in…

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When Projects Go Bad 4: Communication

Your client isn’t quite, happy, you’re struggling to meet their needs, maybe your behind schedule, maybe you’re having a bad day. It’s often tough to know how to respond to…

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When Projects Go Bad 3: Proactive Steps

We’ve been talking about projects going bad and how to go about rescuing them. So far we’ve covered negative and angry feedback and how to deal with it. The main…

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When Projects Go Bad 2: Angry Feedback

In the last lesson I talked about how to handle negative feedback. This is often the earliest and easiest way to combat a project going bad. Sometimes this feedback can…

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when projects go bad

When Projects Go Bad 1: Feedback

So far we’ve had lessons on how to pitch, how to convert that pitch into a job and how to ensure you have good client relations during that job. We’ve…

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good client relations emergencies

Good Client Relations 8: Emergencies

For the upcoming weeks I will be covering various bad habits of clients and how best to deal with them. Although 90% of clients are fine, when you do come…

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