Common Social Media Misconceptions

Nearly every business has some form of social media presence, but the percentage of those making the most out of it is probably lower then you’d expect. For a lot…

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categorising customers

Marketing + Sales 3: Categorising Customers

I am talking about how to tie the roles of sales and marketing closer together so they will be more effective for your business. We have talked about the importance…

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marketing and sales alignment

Marketing+ Sales 2: Targeting

We are talking about how to ensure that Sales and Marketing can play nicely together and their different roles through customer journey. Let’s start by thinking about targeting. Who Are…

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warming your prospects

Basics of Sales 11: Warming Prospects

For any multitude of reasons a prospect may not be in a position to buy from you just yet. As such it is your job to stay in front of…

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chasing those prospects up

Basics of Sales 6: Chasing

Following on from last week’s lesson giving you an outline on your sales, we have so far done some research, found our target customer, sent them some details and checked…

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post project questions

Post Project Steps 7: Questions

What sort of questions should you be asking yourself once a project is done in order to carry through improvements? Sales What worked? What approach/material did you use to win…

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when projects go bad

When Projects Go Bad 1: Feedback

So far we’ve had lessons on how to pitch, how to convert that pitch into a job and how to ensure you have good client relations during that job. We’ve…

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